MotoSat F2 Parts
All parts are used except if the listing says new.

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F2 Control cable 30' 18awg - $289
F2 UCB circuit board (used) - $900
F2 Mounting plate 410-F2MP-1 - check stock
= = = = = = = = = =
F2 EL Motor Helmet, white plastic 511DS12COV3 - check stock
F2 EL Motor assy - $789 455-F3-EL
F2 AZ Motor assy - $479 455-F3-AZ
F2 AZ motor assy - $295 455-F2-AZ
F2 AZ/SK motor Count Sensor FSE601A - $29
F2 Elevation gear box (green unit at base between arms) $900 refurb (this is exchange price, $100 core charge)

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Don Marr
Eugene, Oregon

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