Controller Software Features

1) Easier Controller set up and easier to use
2) Much Faster responding controller screens
3) Meaningless MotoSat messages gone
4) Works with all HTML browsers
5) NEW 'Modem' search mode locates more satellites
6) 3 search modes instead of 1 - Longitude, Target, Modem
7) Works with all Hughes HN modems
8) Works with iDirect 3000 and X5 modems
9) Automatic Modem configuration
10) Editable Satellite Tables
11) Identification types: DVBS, DVB-S2(D4,J1), & Modem ID
12) Customized motor settings for different mount types

JamesSoft software UPGRADE for your MotoSat controller

   Latest upgraded and improved software (2018) for your D3, D4, J1, H2 or H3 controller, it is faster and with many added features. This is complete, from the ground up, NEW software! This is not just a bug fix for old MotoSat software, it's a complete rewrite with many improvements and additions. You must send your controller in for this upgrade. Return shipping charge of $15 will be added to your total.

+ 15 s/h

Screen one

Screen two

Screen three

Screen four

Screen five

Screen six

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